Topper Radio General Staff Application Fall 2017

Applications are due September 15 by midnight.

Please complete all fields. Enter N/A for any field(s) you cannot complete.

Enter N/A for these questions if applying for production and/or promotions and keep scrolling!

Please enter your show's primary focus. All shows are a maximum of one hour long and all hosts MUST be prepared to go undergo a standard training session on equipment use, standard practices, and station ethics.

Provide a short bio (100-200 words) briefly explaining the basis of your show. This information is for our website so please be descriptive and concise.

If show is focused around music, please provide a 10 song sample playlist that expresses yourself and your show. List the song title, artist and genre.

If show is focused around talk, news or information, then please provide a list of 3-5 sample topics. (Examples: Contemporary issues today, St. Ed's campus news, interviews with musicians, etc.)

Enter N/A for these questions if applying only for show host and/or promotions keep scrolling!

Open Production positions are as follows:
- Music Producer
- Content Producer
- Programmer

Do you have any experience with editing software such as Audacity and/or GarageBand?

Enter N/A for these questions if applying only for show host and/or production keep scrolling/submit!

The promotions team for the sake of the application will include: Photography, social media marketing, event planning, graphic design, blog writing, and special commitees.

If interested in graphic design, photography or blogging, please provide a link to your work!

This is just to get a taste of what you can do/your interests. You can link to a personal website where you blog, a place where you are published, your photography social media, etc. You may also just describe your type of work.

What apects(s) of the promotions team are you most interested in being a part of? (see above description for open positions)

If interested in social media marketing, what is your preferred medium of social media?

Do you have any experience with event planning and/or fundraising events?

Radio/Media/Music Experience

Please include any supplementary information that you think we should know and is relevant to hosting or working with radio.**

Schedule of Availability

Just list the weekdays in which you will be available after 5 PM. This is for scheduling our weekly staff meetings.

Where did you first hear of Topper Radio?

Ex: Friend, Fellow Student(s), Student Life, Involvement Fair, Online...

Tell us about yourself. Why should we bring you on?

Would you be willing to volunteer for Topper Radio events/activities?

Give us your best meme!

Just link it. If saved on your personal device then upload to imgur and provide that link. (videos count)

Anything else we should know?